cop|y1 W2S1 [ˈkɔpi US ˈka:pi] n plural copies
[Date: 1300-1400; : Old French; Origin: copie, from Latin copia; COPIOUS]
something that is made to be exactly like another thing
copy of
She forwarded them a copy of her British passport.
This chair is a copy of an original design.
Be sure to make copies of all the documents.
back-up copies of your files
one of many books, magazines, records etc that are all exactly the same
copy of
We have six copies of the movie to give away.
a copy of the local newspaper
The hardback costs £16.99 a copy.
The record sold a million copies.
Free copies are available on request.
3.) [U] technical
something written in order to be printed in a newspaper, magazine, advertisement etc
Now that I've seen the finished copy, I'm delighted.
4.) good copy informal
interesting news
The interviews made good copy and helped with the film's publicity.
copy 2
copy2 S2 v past tense and past participle copied present participle copying third person singular copies
1.) [I and T]
to deliberately make or produce something that is exactly like another thing
Could you copy this letter and send it out, please?
To copy a file, press F3.
copy (sth) from sth
a design copied from an 18th century wallpaper
The pupils just copy from textbooks and learn facts.
copy sth into sth
He copied the number into his notebook (=wrote the same number there) .
2.) [T]
to deliberately do something that someone else has done or behave like someone else
Children often copy what they see on television.
I found myself copying him and his mannerisms.
3.) [I and T]
to cheat in an examination, schoolwork etc by looking at someone else's work and writing the same thing as they have
copy from
Jeremy had copied from the girl next to him.
copy down [copy sth<=>down] phr v
to write something down exactly as it was said or written
I think I must have copied your number down wrong.
copy in [copy sb in] phr v
to send someone a copy of an e-mail message you are sending to someone else
copy somebody in on
Can you copy me in on the memo you're sending to Chris?
copy out [copy sth<=>out] phr v
to write something again exactly as it is written in the document that you are looking at
The monks copied their manuscripts out by hand.
copy up [copy sth<=>up] phr v
to write something again in a better or neater form
It is important to copy up your notes soon after the lecture.

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